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Article in the magazine "Nantes Passion" n°235

An article in the magazine "Nantes passion" speaks about the renovation of the public transportation in the city of Nantes. And necessarily that speaks about the SHUTTLE of RUBAN BLEU.
This is what the article says:

NantesPassion — N° 235 — juin 2013


In Nantes, bus and streetcar run on the sustainable development


Public transports mattered a lot in the election of Nantes "as green Capital of Europe in 2013". Energy savings, reduction of the pollutions, green innovations … Return on the assets of the network TAN for our environment. 




Nantes, pioneer with the streetcar in the 1980s, always stays on the lookout for the new solutions of travel, more clean for the environment. TAN tests so since the end of 2012 three buses endowed with a hybrid, electric and diesel engine. Their advantages? A fuel economy from 20 to 30 %, CO2 emissions and nitrogen oxide reduced, and a better comfort for users. Less noisy, these machines have no gearbox, what allows an acceleration without jolts.

A navibus propelled by hydrogen, via a fuel cell, will be also put to the test on approval on Erdre from the end of 2014. Tested in partnership with the "mission hydrogenate" piloted by the region "Pays de la Loire" with the support of "Ademe", this boat " zero CO2 emission " is inspired by other current experiences in Hamburg or in Amsterdam. If the try is decisive, NavHybus will replace the current boatman of the Erdre, LA MOUETTE.

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